Anshuman Jha starrer RSVP’s shoot delayed Sri Lanka schedule to avoid trouble because its state of Emergency

Actor Anshuman Jha’s upcoming film ‘RSVP’ opposite Tannishtha Chatterjee has hit an unusual roadblock. The film was slated to kick off in Sri Lanka on March 27. However, given that the country declared a state of emergency last month after witnessing a spate of communal violence, the director of the film Chandan Roy Sanyal finds himself staring at a delay as far as his labour of love is concerned. The film is produced by First Ray Films and also stars actress Tannistha Chatterjee opposite Anshuman.
“Our line producers in Sri Lanka suggested that we delay the shoot by at least a month to avoid running into trouble there. It has affected all our individual schedules. Now, we’re looking at rolling the project by July-end as the cast and crew will be available then,” says a source close to the film.
Commenting on the same, Director of the film Chandan Roy Sanyal says “We are currently looking out on an alternative location and most probably will shoot in Assam, if not Lanka. It’s a road trip film with love story and Assam is a kind of place which has an unexplored landscape. The delay has thrown all our individual schedules off as Anshuman,  Tannishtha & me have other commitments lined up.”
Lead Actor Anshuman Jha adds “But there is a silver lining that we both – Tannistha and me – have been nursing injuries ( my ankle and Tannishtha’s shoulder) and we are using this uncalled break to recuperate. Infact Tannishtha has gone to Kerala for Ayurvedic treatments. And I am heading home to Delhi. Our next window keeping everyone’s availability in mind is July end to August end now.”

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