Gunjan Utreja: All my birthdays have meant a lot to me


Actor Gunjan Utreja is a household name now with many interesting projects credited to his name. While there are many actors who have done multiple shows, it is his hard work that sets him apart.

As the actor celebrates his birthday on December 4, he reveals what does this special day mean to him.

“My birthday serves as a great reminder for this precious life that I have, so I feel even more grateful. I am a firm believer of the fact that you are as youthful as you believe yourself to be. In the recent years we have heard of many stories of people around the globe belonging to a variety of fields, who are defying age limits and excelling. So definitely age is no more than a mere number,” shares the actor, who has been part of shows like Madhubala… ek Ishq ek junoon.

While all his birthdays mean a great deal to him, his favourite ones are those celebrated during his childhood.

“All my birthdays have been memorable for some or the other reason. But those closest to my heart will be all my childhood birthdays as my parents didn’t leave any opportunity to make it special for me every year,” shares a nostalgic Gunjan.

However, the actor does not wait for a birthday to make himself or others feel special.

“I tend to gift during any time of the year and not particularly on birthdays. So even for myself, I have been doing some tangible and intangible things throughout the year which bring me joy and peace and will continue doing so even after my birthday has passed,” laughs Gunjan.

The Comedy Dangal star confesses that he has a wish to make to for himself.

“I have wished for happiness for myself and those around me, as I continue to do my best in everything I do and aim to create value along the way. That sums up all that my wishes,” he says.

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