Sairat director might direct the Biopic on Cabinet minister Ramdas Athawale!

It’s not every day that a biopic on a political leader or a Minister is made. It is for the first time ever Cabinet minister Ramdas Athawale’s life and his journey will be depicted, so that itself makes this upcoming political drama special. Panther depicts the journey of a man’s beliefs of winning over wrong, fighting against the atrocities on Dalits & emerging as a Powerful Leader. It will represent the era of fights, rebels, upliftments, protests, marches, authorities, responsibilities and peace. The demand of equality and normal life for all was an agenda. Path crafted on teachings of Baba Saheb leading to a life of achievements, peace, unity, harmony and civil rights. Panther showcases the saga and endeavour of masses for their rights, the initiatives taken for betterment of society, preachings being practiced dutifully.


Cabinet Minister, Mr. Ramdas Athawale shares his views, “I would like to say that this movie isn’t based on my life alone; it’s based on the lives of Dalits. The lead character of this movie – Panther follows the principles of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, fights for the right of Dalits. He’s a very bold character. This movie will hopefully guide the thoughts and opinions of Indians. I’m very thankful for the producer of the movie, Rakesh Tak, to come out with the idea of making a movie like Panther.”

While hit movie Sairat’s debut has happened as Dhadak in Bollywood, soon its director’s debut might happen with his movie, revealed our sources..!


Rakesh Tak, Producer, ADR Creations shares, “It’s not just a socio-political drama, I would rather say it’s an entertainment movie which covers most of the elements of a masala entertainment and also conveys the message. We are looking to have a great team, and are in talks with noted directors and yes, one of them is Sairat’s Director – Mr. Nagraj Manjule.”

When asked how did he convince Mr. Athawale for this biopic, Rakesh shares, “Honestly, in our first meeting when we went to his house to discuss the movie script, at one go Athawaleji viewed our presentation and research material we were carrying along, and it did not take more than 15-20 minutes for me and my partners to convince Athawaleji to make a film on the panther movement, his life and his journey.”

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