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Banking procedures …

Banks are probably one of the few institutions, no matter what your earning is you have to deal with them. The bigger the earning , the better the service you get for them…at least that is the claim every bank gives you. But in my case , instead of better service I end up getting the shittiest service and worse kind of bank officers to deal with.

I had made an investment a couple of years back and due to lack of funds I defaulted this year. Two weeks back I got my money which was stuck in the market and decided to revive my investment. Being the preferred customer, I decided to call my relationship manager , asking him to come over to discuss few things, along with he can pick up the cheque for the defaulted investment.

But it seems the relationship manager was too busy, despite confirming the date and time…he didn’t shown up. I thought he must have been very busy and would reach out by himself soon. But he didn’t, I again reached out to him the following week. He again confirmed the appointment but didn’t show up…now I was losing my shit , so I sent him a stinker and he didn’t even bother to reply.

I was traveling for work in the afternoon, is when I get a call from my relationship manager saying if the investment cheque was ready as he has standing right out my house. My mother doesnt know him, so she didnt allow him inside the house. He had the audacity to first land up at my place without informing, expecting me to be at home and then expecting my mother to reach and give him the cheque. I had not prepared the cheque in the first place. I gave him a dressing down of his life, but few people just don’t get it. Only after repeatedly asking, did he share his senior’s number with me, to whom I complained to sort my issue out.

Now comes the second part of the story…when I had called up my relationship manager first time around, I had asked him to also send me the statement of my investment. I also wanted to how much the investment had earned. He asked me to send him an email requesting it along with the policy number and I did so. He told me to expect a reply after two days. two days, then three and even after a week I got no reply…so I again sent a stinker to which his reply came ” Sir , the policy number is wrong”.

I understood my folly and corrected it and him the reason why it took my him a week to tell me the policy number is wrong… radio silence from him.Again a week goes by and no reply…yesterday I get a call from my RM’s collegaue asking him to resend the email which I flatly refused, then he tried doing something from his end and I should share the OTP which would appear on my phone…I again refused. He went on to say you will need to co-operate with me on this blah blah and I had already lost it saying for one small thing…I was made to wait for two weeks and it ended up being a heated argument with him saying ” Sir , the system will not allow me to go through with the request if you dont co-operate etc etc”. I just hung up the phone on him and went about my business…not expecting any answer from him.


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And in the next two hours…without my sharing any other email I got the investment statement in hand.

Few questions

1)Now how did the system let you get my statement?

2) You could have easily got my statement on the day I shared my corrected policy number, still what made you wait for a week to reply?

3) Was asking for an email etc, just a way to show that if bank wants they can complicate the procedures ?

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