My Point Versus The World

She tried to show me the positives

“Did I stamp on your leg?” were the first words I uttered to Charmi who on spotting me , stopped posing with her friends and came rushing to give me a hug.She was getting married that day and was wearing this beautiful red and gold outfit. It was long and looked very heavy.I had hopped too in her direction only to find her wailing in pain as we were about to complete the embrace, I had stamped on her injured toes…I didnt know that she was injured. We made her sit on a sofa , while she completed her photo session and then she gave me a tight hug…a hug that made me forget a lot of things that were running in my mind.I was quite successful in hiding my tears in front of her …but boy how pretty she looked !!!

Probably the only photo
I clicked on her at the wedding

If someone knows me well will tell you, that i trace back first meeting of anyone I have ever come across…doesnt matter how brief the meeting is. But when it comes to Charmi…I just have no recollection. Yes she is my niece, we are related but still… I can only go back as back as a trip to Akola in Maharastra where I was packed off to attend a family function with dad, I possibly was 13-14 and I was playing badminton with her. But still I dont know how did we become friends post that …guess somethings are bound to happen.

This girl unknowingly played a very important role in my journey as a photographer. I was using a bridge camera, something that is between a digicam and a DSLR. I has been toying with the idea of buying a DSLR for a very long time , but just didnt have the courage to buy one, as they are expensive and I was used to clicking photos on auto mode …thinking this is how most people clicking pictures. One evening on a whim I asked Charmi if I could borrow her DSLR ( She is a damn good photogrpaher) ..she said Yes and for the next couple of weeks I went about town clicking pictures and finally gaining some confidence and invested in one sooner.  If you ever feel you are down and out, Charmi is the person one should reach out to. I have had numerous conversations with her over the past two years wherein she has repeatedly asked me to look at brighter side of things. She constantly reminds me that I have enough talent and skill to achieve whatever I want in this world..but being the closed person that  I’m I would say Ya Ya and change the topic soon enough.

If there is one thing I could have changed in the last few days , would be to muster up the courage and asked Charmi for selfie on the day she got married. I dont like be clicked but that was a moment I wanted to capture which never happened…

  1. Charmi shah

    You don’t need to ask for a selfie, you need to order me “chal mere saath ek selfie”. Which you should have done on my wedding day without any hesitation. Your niece loves you a lot and will miss you 😘

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