My Point Versus The World

Old friends and older stories

How often have do you wish for something and within minutes seeing it turning into a reality? I was a witness to one such magical moment few days back. I was sitting with Gauri,  an ex-collegaue ( Mid-day) and a very dear friend at a restaurant, we were catching up after 6 or more months. Back at Mid-day we were a gang of three, Avantika being the third friend. It had been more than 4 years that we three were at the same place at the same time. At one moment, I just happened to tell Gauri that , ” Im missing Avantika ya..”. Gauri pulled her phone out and I went, “Dont call Avantika if she gets to know , we are meeting she would kill us.”

Gauri placed her phone on the table , asking me to read it…and it was a message from Avantika saying, ” Babe are you awake… Im at Gokul  at our adda..” Both Gauri and I were stunned …it actually felt as we have seen a ghost. I asked Gauri to ask  Avantika to come over at our restaurant , while Avantika convinced Gauri to come to Gokul and when I tried to Avantika I was greeted with a volley of abuses which I dont think I should repeat. So we finished our order and took a cab to Colaba for a reunion.

And when I met Avantika, I was expecting a hug, but Avantika had turned into Mohammed Ali and gave me two punches. I looked at her husband for help, but he very conveniently looked away and I only had to rely on god for my safety…


And everything from there on went downhill…

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