Birdnip Introduces World’s First Nootropic for Dogs to Make Furry Friends Even Smarter

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The Debut of Nootrodog Pioneers Biohacking for Dogs

Biohacking is for the dogs! Birdnip, a manufacturer of dog supplements and vitamins, has announced the launch of Nootrodog, the world’s first nootropic for dogs.

Dogs have always been humankind’s smartest companion. From their earliest roles as guards, protectors and hunting partners, to the loyal companions they remain today; dogs have been the one constant beside humans since they first approached our early ancestors to escape the cold.

As software continues to eat the world and the race to build advanced A.I. moves forward; what if, in the pursuit to build a more perfect society, the answer has been here all along? With its launch, Birdnip is seeking to upend the status quo, with a belief that the future is four legged.

“Modern day humans now carry the world’s information inside our pocket. we’re healthier than ever and living longer than any other time in history. While we have evolved leaps and bounds and continue to push ourselves to daily excellence; our canine companions haven’t had quite the same opportunity,” says Founder and CEO Mike Galvez. “Dogs helped early humans survive through hunting alongside them. To move forward, we’ll need to turn to them once again.”

Nootropics are vitamins or supplements that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions- memory, creativity or motivation. Humans have been safely taking nootropics for years to help open up their mind, double down and focus, and combat stress, all in a pursuit of optimizing the most complex organ for peak performance.

Birdnip has taken Silicon Valley’s favorite ‘smart drug’ and created a special, all-natural blend for canines. Nootrodog is a turbo formula engineered to increase a dog’s memory, promote mental clarity and strengthen overall cognitive health. Dogs possess naturally incredible cognitive abilities that allow them to be curious, empathetic and intelligent all at once. With Nootrodog, the company’s goal is to help these furry friends unlock even more of their magnificent potential.

Nootrodog is now available to purchase online at

About Birdnip
Birdnip is a manufacturer of canine-focused products looking to change the way the world views dogs. Through engineering, research and design, Birdnip is helping to unlock the full potential of dogs while further exploring the relationship between humans and animals. For more information, please visit:


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