Indie Author Donates 1000 Collector Edition Books to At-Risk Teens

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Young adult author, S.L. Whyte, donated 1000 personally signed copies of Finding Tir Na Nog, the first book of her acclaimed fantasy series, Stelladaur, to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound, several chapters of the Boys and Girls Club of America, and to low-income middle schools. BBBS provided hundreds of backpacks filled with supplies, including Whyte’s novel, to youth throughout greater Seattle and Tacoma during their annual Back-to-School Backpack event.

With new covers released earlier this year for each book of the Stelladaur series, Whyte wanted to get the Original Collector’s Edition copies to young readers who could not afford to purchase their own copy but would benefit from being introduced to the series. “Youth often feel powerless and depleted of inner strength, but Stelladaur invites readers to discover their own intuitiveness, self-awareness, and imagination by connecting with characters who must do the same to overcome insurmountable obstacles,” Whyte explains. “The story bridges the gap between fantasy and reality by shining light on human possibility.”

Innovative Educator and Founder of What the Experts Know, Astrid Witt, gave a shining review for the book: “In this truly remarkable book, S.L. Whyte has returned me to the dreams of my childhood, dreams that formal education had drummed out of me. This believably magical story provides profound truths on how to create the reality you yearn for and the dreams you dare to dream. Whether you are a teenager experiencing the awkwardness of first love, or an adult seeking to understand life itself, Finding Tir Na Nog will give life a whole new meaning.”

Finding Tir Na Nog (Stelladaur-Book 1), Fading Heart (Stelladaur-Book 2) and Fraction in Time (Stelladaur Book-3) can be purchased in several formats on Amazon and at B&N, and are available through Smashwords and Kobo. Book 4, Forever Changed, will be released late 2019. Media kit and book trailer available at

Young Adult Fantasy Author, S.L. Whyte, is the Founder and Curriculum Developer of The Stelladaur Academy, a nonprofit that provides educational enrichment resources for youth ages 13-17, as well as private- and public school classroom teachers, and for homeschool students. “At the Academy, we help youth explore imagination, intuitiveness, and character development as mediums of self-discovery and creative renewal,” said Whyte. “These are the building blocks of successful learning and joyful living.”

Content discovery platform Dable establishes branch office in Indonesia

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The content discovery platform Dable is picking up the pace in its entry into the Indonesian market by forging partnerships with major Indonesian media corporations.

Dable, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, signed service partnerships with half of Indonesia’s top 20 media corporations (Tempo, Republika, Kontan, JPNN, etc.), securing local inventory. Dable stated that it is currently attracting local Indonesian and global advertisers also seeking to enter the Indonesian market.

Based in South Korea, Dable utilizes real-time big data processing and personalization technologies to provide two major services: “Dable Content Recommendation” and “Dable Native Ad,” which recommends individually-tailored content and advertisements (e.g. “Content You May Like”).

Dable Content Recommendation provides visitors to the websites of media companies with individually-tailored news and other content. The service aims to increase content usage as well as traffic flow. Through analysis of the consumed website content, Dable Native Ad ascertains user interests and shows them related advertisements. Dable’s high advertisement performance is the result of decreased animosity towards ads that are in formats similar to regular content.

Since its founding in 2015, Dable has grown rapidly through partnerships with major Korean media corporations. It enjoys an 80-percent market share in Korea, but with its outstanding personalization technology and high performance, Dable is currently expanding into the greater Asian market. The company’s entry into Indonesia was spearheaded by its Global Business Manager Amalia Rasyida (a seasoned digital marketing expert), and the recruitment of personnel with extensive experience.

Rasyida expressed her expectations for the company by stating, “Right now, Programmatic advertisements, which provide digital ads and tools, are in the spotlight. But the native ad platform applied with Dable’s personalization technology is in its infancy. Dable is now sophisticated enough to defeat top global companies in the technological competition arena. Dable is using its technology to expand its Indonesian partnered inventory at the astonishing speed of over 50 percent growth each month. Dable seeks to serve as a leading content discovery platform in Indonesia.”

On September 12, Dable will host media and digital marketing representatives at the Indonesia Native Ad Conference (INAC) at Plaza Kuningan’s COCOWORK.

Ebook publishing startup PublishDrive signs contract with Dangdang, China’s largest ebook seller

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It’s been seven years since Chinese retail giant Dangdang opened its ebook store, but has, so far, been inaccessible to authors and independent publishers of the West.

Global, indie self-publishing platform PublishDrive was the first of its kind to sign a contract with Chinese national library supplier CNPeReading last year, bringing works of authors and indie publishers to a potential audience of millions of people. Now PublishDrive expands their reach into the Chinese market with Dangdang, the biggest ebook seller in China. With 66% of Chinese adults using their phones to read, this opportunity opens new doors for authors and indie publishers.

With online book sales increasing 28% yearly, being present in China is the next big thing for PublishDrive and its partners. PublishDrive’s outstanding team has big plans to continue driving innovation in the book industry, using AI, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning to help authors sell more books and help writers become successful authorpreneurs.

Words Worth Less Than Ever, According to New ALCS Research

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New ALCS research finds working writers earnings continue to decline sharply, and exposes growing gender gap.


The earnings of writers in the UK continue to fall, new research commissioned by the Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society (ALCS) reveals. The median earnings of professional writers – that is those who dedicate over half their working hours to writing – has fallen by 42% in real terms since 2005 and by 15% since 2013.

The ALCS research, Authors’ Earnings 2018: A survey of UK writers, found that the median annual income of a professional writer now stands at under £10,500. In 2017 the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Minimum Income Standard (MIS), the income level considered to be a socially acceptable standard of living for a single person, was £17,900.

Earnings well below minimum wage

The current minimum wage in the UK for those over 25 is £7.83. Based on a standard 35 hour week, the median hourly earnings of a professional writer are just £5.73.

At £3,000 a year, the typical median earnings of “all writers” – which includes occasional and part-time writers in addition to professional writers as defined above – are also declining steeply, falling in real terms by 49% since 2005 and 33% since 2013.

Steep decline in full-time writers since 2005

In 2005, 40% of professional writers earned their income solely from writing. In 2017, that figure had fallen to 13.7%. This reflects the fact that due to their declining earnings, the majority of professional writers now need to have “portfolio” careers, supplementing their writing income with other activities such as teaching. Whilst the incomes of all writers continue to fall, the creative industries in the UK – now valued at £92 billion – are growing at twice the rate of the UK economy as a whole, calling urgently into question the extent to which writers’ significant contribution to those industries is properly valued.

Growing gender gap

Troublingly the latest ALCS research has also revealed a growing gender gap, with the average earnings of female professional authors only around 75% of those of the average male professional writer down from 78% in 2005.

Over 5,500 writers working in a wide range of fields responded to the ALCS survey which was carried out by CREATe; that is more than double the number of respondents who participated in ALCS’s previous research into author earnings in 2013, and a higher number than the combined total of those who participated in 2005 and 2013. More detailed findings from the research will be published later in 2018.

Commenting on the findings of the latest ALCS research Tony Bradman, children’s writer and chair of the ALCS Board, said:

“The results of this third ALCS survey into author earnings confirm what most writers know only too well – that incomes continue to decline, and that it is harder than ever to make a living as a professional writer. Given the enormous contribution that the work of UK writers makes to the success of our world-leading creative industries, the ALCS research calls starkly into question the extent to which we value that work. Without writers, our country and our culture would be poorer in every imaginable way and so we must ensure that we give writers as favourable an environment in which to make a living as possible”.

Editor’s Notes

All types of writer were invited to take part in the latest ALCS research to help paint an accurate picture of how authors really earn their money from writing today. 5,523 writers responded.
“Professional writers” are those who dedicate over half their time to writing.
“All writers” are a wider group where the time they spend writing is not taken into account, so this group may include occasional and part-time writers.
55% of the respondents were men, 44% were women, and 1% preferred not to state their gender.
19% of respondents were aged 44 or under, 48% were aged between 45-64, and 34% were aged 65 or over.
ALCS has commissioned two previous independent surveys into the earnings of writers reported in: What Are Words Worth? in 2007 and What Are Words Worth Now? in 2014.

NY Times Bestseller on Our Lady of Guadalupe Now Available in Paperback

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Book by Carl Anderson and Msgr. Eduardo Chávez includes new forward

A paperback edition of “Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mother of the Civilization of Love” has been published by Penguin Random House with a new forward by Los Angeles Archbishop José Gómez.

The book, written by Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson and Msgr. Eduardo Chávez, an expert on the Marian apparitions witnessed by St. Juan Diego in 16th-century Mexico, was a New York Timesbestseller in its original hardcover edition in 2009.

“Anderson and Chávez rightly understand that the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe is prophetic,” writes Archbishop Gómez. “And I share their belief that the Mother of God holds the ‘key’ for understanding these times.”

He notes that Our Lady of Guadalupe came dressed in the garments of the indigenous peoples, and she spoke to Juan Diego in his native language.

In this way, Archbishop Gómez argues, Our Lady of Guadalupe reminds us that the Church was established to be the vanguard of a new humanity that is not based on race or national origin.

“She is then a profound icon of the unity of humanity and the Church’s mission to create one family of God out of all the world’s nations and races, peoples and languages,” writes Archbishop Gómez. “In this, Guadalupe gives us a vision of the world as God wants it to be.”

Carl Anderson has been chief executive and chairman of the Knights of Columbus Board of Directors since 2000 and is the author of two New York Times bestsellers. Msgr. Chávez is the co-founder and dean of the Higher Institute for Guadalupan Studies in Mexico City.

The paperback edition costs $15 and is also available as an ebook.

The K of C was founded in 1882 by Venerable Father Michael McGivney, a parish priest, in New Haven, Connecticut. It has grown to include 1.9 million members worldwide. The Knights set a new all-time record for charitable donations in 2016, with more than $177.5 million in donations and more than 75 million hours of service valued at $1.8 billion.