Words Worth Less Than Ever, According to New ALCS Research

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New ALCS research finds working writers earnings continue to decline sharply, and exposes growing gender gap.


The earnings of writers in the UK continue to fall, new research commissioned by the Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society (ALCS) reveals. The median earnings of professional writers – that is those who dedicate over half their working hours to writing – has fallen by 42% in real terms since 2005 and by 15% since 2013.

The ALCS research, Authors’ Earnings 2018: A survey of UK writers, found that the median annual income of a professional writer now stands at under £10,500. In 2017 the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Minimum Income Standard (MIS), the income level considered to be a socially acceptable standard of living for a single person, was £17,900.

Earnings well below minimum wage

The current minimum wage in the UK for those over 25 is £7.83. Based on a standard 35 hour week, the median hourly earnings of a professional writer are just £5.73.

At £3,000 a year, the typical median earnings of “all writers” – which includes occasional and part-time writers in addition to professional writers as defined above – are also declining steeply, falling in real terms by 49% since 2005 and 33% since 2013.

Steep decline in full-time writers since 2005

In 2005, 40% of professional writers earned their income solely from writing. In 2017, that figure had fallen to 13.7%. This reflects the fact that due to their declining earnings, the majority of professional writers now need to have “portfolio” careers, supplementing their writing income with other activities such as teaching. Whilst the incomes of all writers continue to fall, the creative industries in the UK – now valued at £92 billion – are growing at twice the rate of the UK economy as a whole, calling urgently into question the extent to which writers’ significant contribution to those industries is properly valued.

Growing gender gap

Troublingly the latest ALCS research has also revealed a growing gender gap, with the average earnings of female professional authors only around 75% of those of the average male professional writer down from 78% in 2005.

Over 5,500 writers working in a wide range of fields responded to the ALCS survey which was carried out by CREATe; that is more than double the number of respondents who participated in ALCS’s previous research into author earnings in 2013, and a higher number than the combined total of those who participated in 2005 and 2013. More detailed findings from the research will be published later in 2018.

Commenting on the findings of the latest ALCS research Tony Bradman, children’s writer and chair of the ALCS Board, said:

“The results of this third ALCS survey into author earnings confirm what most writers know only too well – that incomes continue to decline, and that it is harder than ever to make a living as a professional writer. Given the enormous contribution that the work of UK writers makes to the success of our world-leading creative industries, the ALCS research calls starkly into question the extent to which we value that work. Without writers, our country and our culture would be poorer in every imaginable way and so we must ensure that we give writers as favourable an environment in which to make a living as possible”.

Editor’s Notes

All types of writer were invited to take part in the latest ALCS research to help paint an accurate picture of how authors really earn their money from writing today. 5,523 writers responded.
“Professional writers” are those who dedicate over half their time to writing.
“All writers” are a wider group where the time they spend writing is not taken into account, so this group may include occasional and part-time writers.
55% of the respondents were men, 44% were women, and 1% preferred not to state their gender.
19% of respondents were aged 44 or under, 48% were aged between 45-64, and 34% were aged 65 or over.
ALCS has commissioned two previous independent surveys into the earnings of writers reported in: What Are Words Worth? in 2007 and What Are Words Worth Now? in 2014.

Vedanta Limited: Update on Tuticorin Smelter

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Further to our announcement dated May 24th, 2018 the Company has received an order dated May 28, 2018 from the Government of Tamil Nadu directing the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) to seal the Company’s ‘Copper Smelter Plant 1 at Thoothukkudi District, Tamil Nadu’ and to close the said plant permanently.

The Company is further studying the order and shall keep the stock exchanges updated on any developments.

Also the SIPCOT vide its letter today, has informed the Company regarding cancellation of 342.22 acres of land allotted to the company for the proposed expansion ‘Copper Smelter Plant 2 Project’ at Thoothukkudi District, Tamil Nadu. The land price for the same shall be refunded by SIPCOT as per their norms.

Porsche Reports New All-Time Monthly Sales Record

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U.S. Porsche Dealers sell 5,555 vehicles in November 2017; year-to-date retail sales up 2.5 percent

Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), importer and distributor in the United States of the Porsche 911, 718 Boxster and Cayman, Panamera, Cayenne, and Macan model lines, today announced November 2017 sales of 5,555 units. This marks a 0.8 percent increase over November 2016. Year-to-date, retail deliveries are up 2.5 percent.

“With 5,555 deliveries, we set a new all-time monthly record. In particular, our two-door sports cars – the Porsche 911, and the 718 model line – showed impressive double-digit growth versus last year,” said Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA.

Porsche 911 sales in the U.S. reached 976 units, a 39.6 percent increase year-over-year. The 718 Boxster and Cayman line posted 522 retail deliveries, up 14.2 percent over November 2016. Sales of the Panamera sports sedan stood at 729, a 43.7 percent increase year-to-date. The Macan continued to experience high demand with 1,981 vehicles sold, up 14 percent year-to-date.

Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle sales in the U.S. were at 1,749 units, a 23.4 percent increase over November 2016. Year-to-date, CPO sales are up 11.2 percent with 16,956 deliveries for 2017.


November Sales






ALL 911






























*918 Spyder sales are reflected in 2016 grand total figures.

About Porsche Cars North America, Inc. | One Porsche Drive, Atlanta, GA 30354 USA
Established in 1984, Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) is the exclusive U.S. importer of Porsche 911, 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman sports cars; Macan and Cayenne SUVs; and Panamera sports sedans. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia since 1998, PCNA is also home to the first Porsche Experience Center in North America featuring a module-based 1.6 mile driver development track, business center, and fine dining restaurant, 356. The company operates a second Porsche Experience Center near Los Angeles. That 53-acre complex features a driver development track with eight educational modules totaling 4.1 miles, a business center, and Restaurant 917. PCNA employs over 300 people who provide parts, service, marketing, and training for 189 dealers. They, in turn, work to provide Porsche customers with a best-in-class experience that is in keeping with the Porsche brand’s nearly 70-year history of leadership in the advancement of vehicle performance, safety, and efficiency. PCNA is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Porsche AG, which is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

At the core of this success is Porsche’s proud racing heritage that boasts some 30,000-plus motorsport wins to date.

China launches a “toilet revolution”  

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Can you imagine that in the vast Gobi Desert in northwest China, you can connect to Wi-Fi networks in public toilets? This is one of the achievements of China’s burgeoning “toilet revolution.” Since 2015, local governments have invested nearly 20 billion yuan on building new public toilets and renovating old ones. Improvement has been made not only in terms of quantity, but also in quality, with the toilets’ exterior and interior facilities all upgraded.

Today, nursing lounges, barrier-free facilities and children’s toilet seats are becoming more common in China. A small but growing number of public toilets even have Wi-Fi networks, electric vehicle charging piles, ATMs and first-aid kits, among other facilities that may go beyond your expectations.

What’s more, China’s public toilets are beginning to show consideration for people with special needs. Besides rooms for men and women, China now has some unisex toilets, which enable people with disabilities to receive help from a family member of another gender without causing embarrassment.

New technologies are also being utilized. In the Laoshan Mountain Scenic Area in QingdaoShandong Province, public toilets are equipped with smart devices that can monitor the waiting queue and adjust the allocation of rooms for men and women in a timely manner. A recently-released app, “National Public Toilet Cloud,” collects information about public toilets across the country and helps users find the nearest one with the assistance of navigation apps.

The countryside is another battlefield of the “toilet revolution.” Presently, sanitary toilets are available in nearly 85 percent of rural areas. A renovation project aimed at expanding the number of these facilities is mostly funded by local governments. For instance, in Shandong Province, subsidies have been offered to millions of rural households, so it cost farmers very little to have their makeshift toilets turned into sanitary ones.

Toilets may seem to be a trivial issue, but they have a direct bearing on common people’s happiness. They’re also the first impression a tourist gets of a new place. Every year, approximately 4.5 billion Chinese and foreign tourists travel around the country. Suppose each of them goes to the toilet eight times during their journey on average, and they will use the toilet 36 billion times altogether. Despite this huge figure, China is trying its best to ensure that its basic amenities are satisfactory, and hopes that all tourists can return home with a good memory.

China Mosaic
China launches a “toilet revolution”

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Arjuna Capital: Bloomberg Includes Gender Pay Trailblazer Natasha Lamb on Its “50 Most Influential” List

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Investor Activist/Sustainable Wealth Manager Championing Gender Pay Equity in Tech, Banking and Retail Industries Earns Unique Spot in Special Issue of Businessweek; Which Sector is Next?

“The Bloomberg 50” list of the most influential people who defined global business in 2017 – unveiled today in a special issue of Bloomberg Businessweek – recognizes the work of investor activist and sustainable wealth manager Natasha Lamb, managing partner at Arjuna Capital.

Lamb is one of America’s busiest and most successful organizers of gender pay equity shareholder resolutions. In recent years, Lamb has convinced 11 major companies including Apple, Ebay, Expedia, Intel, Starbucks, Nike and Costco to produce wage data and commit to closing the gender pay gap.  Lamb is engaging an additional 12 companies this year from Silicon Valley to Wall Street to Bentonville.  Walmart is up next, as Arjuna Capital prepares to engage the retail giant on gender pay disclosure later this winter.

“With heightened awareness about how women are treated in the workplace, the United States is poised to make historic gains through the shareholder resolution process to close the gender pay gap,” Lamb said.  “This watershed moment should make 2018 the most productive year yet for resolutions advancing women’s rights.  We can’t rely on politicians to stand up for women.  So, investors are taking matters into their own hands—not only because it is the right thing to do, but because encouraging more female leadership leads to better business outcomes.”

Lamb added: “I am honored to be singled out by Bloomberg for this incredible list of influencers and thought leaders.  While my work in shareholder activism and sustainable investing extends beyond gender pay to issues of hate speech, sexual harassment, fake news at online social media giants, and climate change at the likes of ExxonMobil, our most impactful work this year has been focused on closing the gender pay gap.  In such a polarized political environment, it is encouraging to be praised for advancing women’s rights and facilitating more just workplaces across America.”

Arjuna Capital is a national leader in shareholder advocacy on the gender pay equity issue.  Arjuna Capital spearheaded a successful 2015-2017 campaign to get eight out of nine US tech giants, including eBay, Apple, and Intel, to commit to disclose and close the gender pay gap.  An Arjuna Capital campaign targeting the U.S. financial sector – including leading banks, credit card, and insurance companies–is ongoing.

In 2014, Gap Inc. made history by becoming the first Fortune 500 Company to publicly confirm it pays men and women equally for equal work. Nike, Starbucks, and Costco are making similar strides on gender pay equity, but more work remains to achieve true gender equity at these companies and across the industry.

The median income for women working full time in the United States is reported to be 80 percent of that of their male counterparts.  This $10,470 annual disparity can add up to nearly half a million dollars over a career. The gap for African-America and Latina women is 60 percent and 55 percent, respectively.  At the current rate of progress, women will not reach pay parity until 2059.

In selecting its influential people for “The Bloomberg 50” list, Bloomberg places emphasis on recent accomplishments over lifetime achievements. More than half the people selected to appear on the list each year have never been on it before.  In an accompanying video featuring Lamb, Bloomberg notes: “all have made massive contributions in the worlds of business, tech, entertainment, politics, and finance…in the world of finance, it isn’t just a list of CEO’s.  It’s the activist investor getting companies to close the gender pay gap…”

The Bloomberg 50 honorees were selected by the Bloomberg Businessweek team after months of input from many of Bloomberg’s 2,700 journalists and analysts around the globe, leveraging the resources of the Bloomberg Terminal, and represent the most influential thought leaders in business, finance, technology and science, politics, and entertainment. The executives, entrepreneurs, experts, and entertainers on the Bloomberg 50 all have a quantifiable metric underpinning their inclusion.

Arjuna Capital is an investment firm focused on sustainable and impact investing.  For more information, visit www.Arjuna-Capital.com.

Ski lift safety, not selfie, says Technical Safety BC

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With the pre-season powder drawing crowds to the mountains, Technical Safety BC is reminding skiers and boarders to put down the selfie stick and stay safe on ski lifts this winter. Every year, rider conduct is the biggest source of lift-related injury in BC, with 60% of incidents stemming from unruly behaviour, distracting activity, and failure to follow safety signage.

“When loading and unloading from any type of ski lift, passengers should put their mobile phones away and pay attention to lift operators’ instructions and surroundings,” says David Looney, Senior Safety Officer at Technical Safety BC.

Skiers and snowboarders can keep their ski lift riding experience safe by:

  • Reading instructional signs and following the safety directions provided before riding any ski lift.
  • Not bouncing, turning around, reaching out or trying to make equipment adjustments while riding chairlifts.
  • Keeping the restraining bar down until instructed to lift it by instructional signage or chairlift operators.
  • Staying in the track on all surface chairlifts such as T-bars and rope tows.
  • Loading children next to the chairlift attendant.
  • Standing in the center of the belt and looking uphill when riding a passenger conveyor.
  • Following all the special riding requirements when using a tubing lift

“During the last year, the number of incidents that have occurred on passenger conveyors has increased. Even though passenger conveyors move slower than ropeways and seem simple to ride, they are still large, powerful machines. All skiers and boarders need to pay attention when loading, riding and unloading to ensure you have a safe day on the slopes,” says David.

For more information about lift safety, visit:

About Technical Safety BC

Technical Safety BC, formerly BC Safety Authority, is mandated to oversee the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment in BC, including passenger ropeways such as ski lifts, gondolas, tramways, rope tows and passenger conveyors.

Technical Safety BC is an independent, self-funded organization mandated to oversee the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment. In addition to issuing permits, licences and certificates, it works with industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and outreach, enforcement, and research.

Clean Commodities Corp. Announces Option Partner at Dumont and Spodumene Lake Lithium Projects Under $5M Exploration Earn-In Arrangement

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Clean Commodities Corp. (TSX-V: CLE) (“Clean Commodities” or the “Corporation”) is pleased to report that the Corporation has agreed to an arrangement with Cameo Resources Corp. (“Cameo Resources“) whereby Cameo Resources may earn an 80% interest in the Dumont and Spodumene Lake lithium projects (the “Whabouchi Lithium Project“).

“As we actively work to advance our premier portfolio of hardrock lithium assets in Canada, we are pleased to be working with Cameo Resources at the Dumont and Spodumene Lake lithium projects in Quebec. Our recent exploration at the properties provides Cameo with a breadth of opportunities and we are excited to see the continuance of work at the project which is of course in close proximity to Nemaska Lithium,” noted Ryan Kalt, CEO of Clean Commodities.

Under the arrangement, Cameo Resources will have the option to acquire an 80% interest in the Dumont and Spodumene Lake projects by completing $5,000,000 of exploration work over a four year period (being the completion of $500,000 of work in year one, $1,000,000 of work in year two, $1,500,000 of work in year three and $2,000,000 of work in year four), the issuance of 500,000 common shares of Cameo Resources to Clean Commodities at closing, and the payment of $25,000 related to certain expenses.

Subject to completion of the earn-in by Cameo Resources, the parties would form a joint-venture related to the Whabouchi Lithium Project with Cameo Resources to serve as the operator.

Full information on the Dumont and Spodumene Lake projects is available at:

The proposed transaction remains subject to regulatory approval and the completion of certain customary documentation.

About Clean Commodities Corp.

Clean Commodities Corp. (TSXV:CLE) is an exploration company involved in a diverse portfolio of clean commodity assets including lithium and uranium projects. For more information, please visit www.cleancommodities.com.


Ryan Kalt, Chief Executive Officer

Forward-Looking Statements

This news release contains forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements address future events and conditions and therefore, involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those currently expected or forecast in such statements.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.


Dunkin’ Donuts is “Brewing Joy” for the Holidays Once Again with Hot Coffee Promotion

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On weekdays from December 1st through December 20th, select U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants will each offer up to 500 guests free medium hot coffees

In each “Brewing Joy” market, local Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees will donate $1,000 to organizations helping bring joy to sick or hungry kids


CANTON, Mass., Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — For the second year in a row, Dunkin’ Donuts is saying thank you to its guests and local communities by brewing a little extra joy for the holiday season with free coffee through its “Brewing Joy” program. On weekdays between Monday, December 1 and Wednesday, December 20, at least one Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant somewhere in the U.S. will serve up to 500 free medium-sized cups of its signature hot coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts is bringing the “Brewing Joy” program to approximately 40 Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in December.

Additionally, in each market where a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant is “Brewing Joy” with free coffee, area franchisees will donate $1,000 to a local organization aligned with the Joy in Childhood Foundation’smission to bring joy to children whose lives are affected by health issues or hunger. In total, Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees will donate more than $25,000 to local organizations through the “Brewing Joy” program.

The “Brewing Joy” program kicks off December 1 at perhaps the most appropriate Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant in the U.S., in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. The full schedule of participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations hosting “Brewing Joy” events can be found on the brand’s blog.

According to Tony Weisman, Chief Marketing Officer, Dunkin’ Donuts U.S., “We put the word ‘Joy’ on our holiday cups each year to represent the gratitude, giving and cheer that marks the season. In that same spirit, we are celebrating our guests by serving free coffees in select stores across the country and giving back to our local communities through our second annual ‘Brewing Joy’ program.”

Dunkin’ Donuts earlier this season also introduced two sweet deals to bring further joy throughout the holiday season. Now through the end of the year, Dunkin’ Donuts’ signature Hot Chocolate is available for only $1.99 for a medium or larger sized cup*. Dunkin’ Donuts’ packaged coffee is also available at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide for the special price of three pounds for $19.99**.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ holiday menu includes the new Frosted Sugar Cookie Donut, new Gingerbread Cookie Donut, Snowflake Sprinkle Donut and Snowflake Sprinkle MUNCHKINS®. For coffee lovers, the returning holiday flavors include Peppermint Mocha and Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Both coffee flavors are available for a limited time hot or iced, including lattes, macchiatos and Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee. This holiday season, Dunkin’ cups once again feature a festive design and the simple word, “Joy” to convey the happiness and spirit of the season. Learn more about the innovation behind the brand’s holiday lineup on the Dunkin’ Donuts blog here.