Cheeseburgers Aren’t Good for Paradise

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Ipe Woods USA, a proponent of sustainable lumber harvesting, has committed to plant five new trees for each order they sell.

Jimmy Buffett wanted his cheeseburger in paradise. He probably still does.  It turns out, though, that cheeseburgers might not be so good for the environment, especially the rainforests.

These days much more is known about how the rainforests affect the climate and the environment. Many refer to them as the lungs of the planet for the way they pull in the carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the atmosphere. We can all agree that’s a good thing. It’s a good idea to keep the rainforests healthy.


Many will turn their eyes to companies that specialize in selling exotic hardwoods for an explanation about what’s happening.  After all,  those in exotic hardwoods, such as Ipe wood, come mainly from the rainforests.  Believe it or not, though, logging is very low on the list. In fact, by all accounts, logging accounts for between 2%-3% of total deforestation in the Amazon.

There is a myriad of contributing factors: gold mining, road building, subsistence farming all have contributed.

But the biggest factor is cattle ranching. Until last year when India replaced it, Brazil, the heart of the Amazon rainforest, was the largest exporter of beef to the world. That’s a lot of beef—lots and lots of cheeseburgers and steaks, leather goods, the works.

Cattle ranching is very labor intensive, and the cattle need a lot of room to roam and graze.  And that’s bad for the rainforest. Tens of thousands of square miles of the Amazon have been cleared to make room for all those bovines. On the plus side, things are getting better.


The fact is, even with all the clear cutting that goes with the cattle ranching, logging is still necessary to keep any forest healthy.  It keeps things from getting too choked up with dead material that acts as fuel for fires, and taking out some of the other trees, allows the others to grow better.

Ipe Woods USA always engages in sustainable lumber harvesting. To keep the rainforests healthy, Ipe Woods USA has committed to plant five new trees for each order they sell.  These new trees will help maintain the health of  the forests and climate, and keep the lungs of the planet healthy.  All these small efforts collectively will snowball, strengthening the forests and maintaining healthy environments.

Honest and honorable companies working in the exotic hard wood industry, consider themselves stewards on the land.

Yes, they do take from the land, but do so responsibly, and always put back.  It’s the only way to maintain a proper balance.

But the good news there are ways to keep tabs on them.  Lists provided by organizations such as Greenpeace keep an eye on these unsavory companies, allowing the honest companies to know whom to avoid.

Ipe Woods USA doesn’t do business with any company whose reputation is less than stellar. It’s all part of being good stewards of the land, and making sure there is always enough and to spare so that all may enjoy the benefits that come from the rainforests.

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