Documentary shows the beauty of Namibia, debunks myths of African nation

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‘Namibia: The shining diamond of Africa’

NEW YORKFeb. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Luxury jewelry retailer Diamonds International released an inspiring documentary showcasing the wondrous beauty, history and spirited people of Namibia (pronounced: “Nah-mih-bee-ah”).

The New York-based diamond firm aims to educate the world and dispel myths about the African nation through the documentary, offering it free of charge on the company’s YouTube channel :

Aptly called Namibia: The shining diamond of Africa, the moving documentary takes viewers on a cinematic journey through Namibia’s majestic natural landscapes, dating back 80-million years to the Jurassic age. Mesmerizing aerial views include: the world’s oldest desert and highest sand dunes, where the ocean meets the desert, the second-largest canyon in the world, breathtaking crimson sunsets, and the surreally starry Namibian night sky.

The colorful doc tells the story of the burgeoning African nation, which is poised to be a leader in diamond production, as it is home to one of the largest deposits of gem-quality diamonds in the world. Interviews with the President of Namibia, founding fathers and locals give a close up look at the growth, challenges and future of one of the youngest nations in the world.

Diamonds International established the leading diamond cutting and polishing facility in the country, which produces one of the fastest growing diamond brands in the world, the Crown of Light. Namibian President Hage Geingob honors Diamonds International for creating employment opportunities during the economic crisis at the company’s 10thyear anniversary celebration, and discusses Namibian people working abroad for the diamond company.

“People really need to see this, so I insisted that we make it accessible to all curious minds,” says Albert Gad, Chairman & CEO of Caribbean luxury retail chain Diamonds International and manufacturing affiliate Almod Diamonds. “It was amazing to see the beauty of this country – the landscape is breathtaking. So many people would appreciate experiencing this hidden gem, and learning that more than just diamonds come from Namibia.”

Namibia: The Shining diamond of Africa can be viewed at: and by subscribing to

About Diamonds International/Almod Diamonds:
Established in 1988, Diamonds International (“DI”) is the largest tax & duty-free jewelry retailer in the world. With 125 retail locations across 22 Caribbean countries, Florida, Mexico and Alaska, Diamonds International serves millions of tourists and cruise ship passengers annually with an unrivaled selection of loose diamonds, rare gemstones, designer jewelry and watch brands. DI is the exclusive retailer of the US-patented Crown of Light diamond and rare Safi Kilima Tanzanite brands. Sourcing directly from the mines, DI is a De Beers Siteholder and supports ethical mine-to-market practices. Almod Diamonds is the manufacturing affiliate of DI, and for 30 years both companies remain privately-held and family-run, with corporate offices in New York’s prestigious diamond district and

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