Internet of Things (IoT) Billion Dollar Market Growth Emerging as Formidable Powerhouse in Tech Sector


One of the most valuable aspects of the emerging multi-billion dollar Internet of Things (IoT) industry is the ability to seamlessly share information, including mobile file sharing. IoT is evolving to be at the core of digital transformation. The IoT industry has turned into a formidable powerhouse, generating over $273 billion in 2017 in spending, according to Statista. IoT gained significant momentum in the enterprise. In 2017, it is clear there is no turning back. Businesses are laser-focused on IoT as an enabler of sustainability, safety and economic growth. Businesses in a variety of sectors and consumers alike are leveraging advancing IoT platforms to manage information at an increased level of convenience. Active tech companies in the markets this week include Gopher Protocol Inc. (OTC:GOPH), Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM), Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:ZBRA), NXT-ID, Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTD), Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ:CHKP).

Gopher Protocol Inc. (OTCQB:GOPH) BREAKING NEWS: Gopher Protocol, a company specializing in the creation of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence enabled mobile technologies, is preparing to file mobile database patent to work in conjunction with the Guardian Patch patent. Through the planned filing of this patent application, Gopher is seeking to protect a portion of intellectual property essential to mobile database management system.

Gopher’s devices, including the Patch, are intended to communicate with each other through Gopher gNET private, secured communication protocol. It is intended that gNET protocol devices will be able to share/exchange vast amount of data in a proprietary method. In addition, information database objects are transferred and stored between the devices through this method developed by Gopher. It is also intended that this innovative database management system will also add another significant layer of cyber security to Gopher’s network with the goal of eliminating possible hacking into the network.

“In order to appropriately implement our products, our data must be carefully secured and protected within our network protocol. This is one of our top priorities” said Mansour Khatib, Gopher’s CMO.

“In addition, as we intend to transfer a significant amount of information over our network, we developed an advanced dataset sharing system. Within the next few weeks we will be filing a patent to protect our database information sharing and management. The system manages databases of all types including media, textual, graphical and secured communication information. The system works with our proprietary integrated circuit (IC) within mobile devices. Read this and more news for GOPH at 

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