New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for GBPI’s People-First Plan

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An overwhelming majority of Georgians want the state to invest in people-first strategies including expanded access to education and mental health services, while raising new revenue to pay for them, according to a Mason-Dixon statewide poll conducted this month.

“We’re thrilled that the poll revealed widespread support for GBPI’s People-Powered Prosperity vision,” said Taifa Butler, Georgia Budget and Policy Institute’s executive director. “Georgians across the state endorse the pillars of our plan to build a stronger and more inclusive economy, focused on educated youth, skilled workers, thriving families and healthy communities.”

Georgians strongly support more affordable higher education options, including funding for the state’s new need-based financial aid program and tuition-free post-secondary technical training to develop skilled workers.

Nearly nine in 10 Georgians surveyed support additional state spending to better screen, diagnose and treat people who suffer from mental health or substance abuse problems.

The GBPI-commissioned poll of 625 Georgia voters found broad support for raising state revenue to pay for new investments in things like education and health services by raising tobacco taxes and enacting a minimum tax on Georgia corporations.

Nearly nine in 10 poll respondents want the state to scrutinize returns on investment Georgia gets from hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks that deplete the state treasury.

Nearly two in three poll respondents support leveraging federal dollars to put an insurance card in the pockets of hundreds of thousands of Georgians to expand affordable health care access. A proposed Georgia Work Credit drew similar support.

Other poll highlights include:

  • 72 percent of poll respondents said they support increased funding to meet the education needs of Georgia’s students if a study supports it.
  • 69 percent of poll respondents support a state school funding formula that sends more money to districts that serve many students from families in poverty.
  • 71 percent of Georgians favor increased state spending for the state’s subsidized child care program to serve more working families.

The telephone poll was conducted from July 9 through July 11, 2018 by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, an independent research firm that conducts public policy and political polling research and has been polling Georgia voters for 20 yearsSee full poll results.

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