This company just sponsored an amazing treat for its 2000 employees – a cruise to Genoa!


To celebrate its 15th anniversary and to highlight the sterling work its staff has performed in this time, Alter Domus, a fully integrated Fund and Corporate Services provider, invited its entire staff of close to 2,000 people to a three-day conference of festivities, teambuilding and fun over the weekend of the 21st – 23rd September 2018. The exact location was kept a closely guarded secret, and the full details were only revealed once the entire team arrived on Friday at their starting point of… Genoa, Italy!

The event, which is one of a kind in this services sector, epitomises the brand’s signature message of acting as one, strong team. Alter Domus’s integrative approach to corporate growth is a distinctive characteristic of the group, and sends a clear signal both to its staff and to the market that people are at the forefront of the group’s strategy. A tripling of the Group’s staffing numbers in just five years speaks volumes to the manner in which Alter Domus fosters and promotes its employees, and how it is committed to creating a working atmosphere where all employees feel empowered and integrated into the company philosophy. The event was also the first opportunity for many to meet their global colleagues, in particular their new teammates from Cortland Capital Markets.

The weekend was a fun-packed three days of fashion, music and team-building, with more than 1,300 staff members congregating in Genoa on Friday before embarking on the cruise ship bound for Marseille. The secrecy surrounding the event and the unique opportunity for many to travel to Europe created an atmosphere of anticipation and enjoyment which no-one at Alter Domus will ever forget.

Event Facts:

More than 1,300 attendees
Event preparations began in May 2016
65 nationalities
24 departure airports
Participants from as far afield as Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Los Angeles
Global team has tripled in size since 2013
Alter Domus CEO Laurent Vanderweyen took the opportunity to address his global team prior to the fashion show in Marseille. Alluding to the team’s sea voyage, he said: “A smooth sea has never made a skilled sailor. It is thanks to hard work, commitment and agility that we have been able to pursue this prolific journey. This success story is down to the team’s key energy. This event reflects our strong corporate values, our collaborative spirit and the thorough global integration that characterises our company and gives us a unique position in our industry. Today more than ever, our 39 offices across 19 countries are One Team.” Dominique Robyns, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Directors and one of the founders of Alter Domus, also voiced his admiration for the achievements the company has made over the past fifteen years, and believes the staff are the ingredients the company needs to shape a prosperous future and help make Alter Domus into the number one in its industry.