Microsoft Genomics Ventures into the Microbiome With Eagle Genomics


The data scientists and developers behind a ground-breaking microbiome data platform, today, announced their partnership with Microsoft Genomics, a Microsoft Azure service dedicated to meeting the computational challenges of the genomics era. This is the first Microsoft partner focused in the microbiome genomics market.

Microbiomics is the study of the microbiome; the ecosystem of good bacteria, fungi and viruses present in virtually all living organisms. The microbiome plays a key role in defending against disease, however the uptake and popularisation of anti-bacterial products, pesticides and antibiotics in the last century has caused widespread microbial imbalance and impairment. This has led to a host of ailments we face today including; immune disorders, mental health problems and antibiotic resistance.

The partnership of Eagle Genomics and Microsoft Genomics represents a commitment to address these challenges.

Eagle Genomics’ knowledge discovery platform, the e[automateddatascientist], utilizes machine learning and Azure cloud technology to transform data into actionable insights that drive scientific decision making. Enterprise partners are able to use the e[automateddatascientist] to assess a product’s suitability for retail / consumption by assessing, for example, it’s impact on the complex and unique human microbiome. The insight gained from the platform enables quick assessment of a products potential, accelerates market entry and mitigates early risk.

A recent graduate company from the Microsoft ScaleUp program, Eagle Genomics’ extensive expertise in curating, analysing and interpreting life sciences data combined with Microsoft’s best-in-class Azure cloud technology and Cognitive Services provide an AI-augmented platform that is able to meet the significant data challenges associated with microbiome research. The platform will enable enterprise customers to gain new insights in this new frontier of scientific exploration, particularly its application in healthcare, personal care, cosmetics and food.

The e[automateddatascientist] platform is already deployed in global companies including Unilever and GSK; Eagle’s collaboration with Microsoft will enable the solution to be easily scaled at the enterprise level across these customers, and many more.

Anthony Finbow, CEO of Eagle Genomics commented: “We are delighted to partner with Microsoft Healthcare on its Genomics service and look forward to working together to unlock the potential of the microbiome and solve some of the grand challenges of our age. We are seeing strong demand for our knowledge discovery platform amongst enterprise customers in the biotech and pharma, food and personal care industries as they embrace the digital reinvention of Life Sciences R&D. Microsoft Genomics will help tackle the computing and scaling challenges, accelerating the adoption of the technologies and the launch of new products and therapies, heralding a new era in scientific discovery.”

Geralyn Miller, Director of Microsoft Genomics added: “This collaboration with Eagle Genomics presents exciting opportunities to gain meaningful insight from microbiome data, an area of research that, when better understood, promises to have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. This is in line with Microsoft’s mission to bring the power and scale of the cloud to precision-medicine, spanning the productization of core services and fundamental research.”

Microsoft and Partners Showcase a New ‘Molecule’ for Better Health Outcomes

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At the Intelligent Medicines’ Future Decoded event co-hosted by Microsoft, Indegene and PAREXEL, life sciences leaders reunited at the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge and showcased digital advances in their industry. CIOs, CMOs, Digital Strategy, Medical Affairs and Clinical Research leaders from AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Shire Teva, Takeda, UCB and others discussed the commencement of a new era and the opportunity to work with a new ‘molecule’ to accelerate transformation.

The new ‘molecule’ combines data, intelligence, trust and innovative digital empowerment at a time when there is an unprecedented ability to reason over vast genomic, clinical, personal health and commercial data. It infuses intelligence everywhere to drive insights for health care professionals (HCPs), generates new care experiences and creates preventative pathways. It focuses on trust as a gatekeeper to adoption with enhanced levels of privacy, security and compliance by design. It brings forward new governance approaches with data-sharing models such as data donation and interoperable yet accessible data platforms. Finally, it delivers innovative digital empowerment to effectively engage the industry’s customers.

Innovations highlighted included Omnipresence, a solution developed by Indegene and Microsoft, which adds predictive algorithms to interactions with HCPs through intelligent actions and content for sales reps, MSLs, KAMs (learn about Omnipresence here). DNAnexus showcased how Microsoft’s cloud computational pipeline is used at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to accelerate research and power scientific collaboration in the search for cures to pediatric cancer (read the full case here).

Captario, PAREXEL and digitalECMT (Digital Experimental Cancer Medicine Team) shared innovations built on Microsoft Azure Cloud to accelerate drug development. Captario SUM is a leading decision analysis tool for drug development. Novartis uses Captario SUM for the evaluation of its entire portfolio. PAREXEL’s Perceptive Cloud® helps improve how sponsors perform clinical trials, control and share data, track and report patient outcomes, manage regulatory information and capture real-world evidence for payers. The digitalECMT is based within the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Manchester Institute, part of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre. This clinical research group is developing new ways of conducting early clinical trials and in collaboration with AstraZeneca delivers the iDecide research programme to  transform decision-making and the patient’s role (see the video summary here).

“Empowering health to achieve more with technology relies on a human-centric vision for better outcomes. Data, intelligence, trust and new forms of governance make up the new molecule to decode the future of pharma and unlock digital advantages,” said Elena Bonfiglioli, EMEA Lead for Health and Life sciences, Microsoft, on the occasion. “Indegene Omnipresence creates so many opportunities to empower life sciences organisations through modern innovations such as deep customer graphs, conversational AI, medical bots…it is a very exciting time,” added Sanjay Virmani, EVP, Indegene.

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