Snapchat Subscription Platform Baecash Announces Fundraiser to Provide 100 HPV Vaccines to Nigerian Women in Early Stages of Cervical Cancer


Baecash (, the innovative new platform for selling and managing private Snapchat subscriptions, has launched an online fundraiser that will empower and save the lives of 100 women in Nigeria. The goal of the Save 100 Women campaign is to raise $65,000, which will enable the delivery of 100 HPV vaccines used in the treatment of early stage cervical cancer. Learn more about this humanitarian effort at

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, and the Baecash Save 100 Women campaign aims to ship all 100 sets of HPV vaccines by the end of this month. Each set of four injections costs approximately $650 when shipping and duty fees are included. However, it’s impossible to put a value on the life of a mother, wife, daughter, aunt, sister or friend. That’s why Baecash is so eager to hit its fundraising goal as quickly as possible.

According to the World Health Organization, Nigeria sees about 100,000 new cases of cervical cancer each year. Another 80,000 die every year from the disease, making it the second most deadly cancer for women in West Africa. Cervical cancer does not discriminate by age — women from 15 to 55 are affected. The tragedy is the disease is highly treatable in the developed world, but Nigeria lacks the resources and infrastructure to provide timely health care to communities where it’s most needed.

The Save 100 Women campaign is the first online fundraiser to focus specifically on the HPV vaccine and cervical cancer in Nigeria. The team at Baecash is hopeful this year’s campaign is the start of a long tradition. In addition, raising awareness of the immense human toll exacted by this completely preventable disease could spur similar efforts from other companies, organizations and governments.

Improving women’s lives in West Africa is the mission at Baecash. While the company is a new endeavor on the web, the concept has been studied and tested for three years. Its creators are now confident in the vitality and sustainability of the business model. That model consists of providing young women in Africa a pathway to achieve financial independence by developing a niche for themselves on the web.

Baecash facilitates the sale of private Snapchat subscriptions. The platform includes a feature-rich administrative dashboard for handling every aspect of the user’s account. While premium Snapchat focuses on adult content, private Snapchat accounts might include any form of original content. Every week, Baecash deposits subscription earning directly to its users’ bank accounts.

About Baecash

Baecash is a platform for selling your private snapchat subscriptions, founded by 29-year-old university dropout/serial entrepreneur Ejiro Ugbowie aka Don Baba E. Baecash makes it easy to charge for private snapchat subscriptions, as well as easily manage the monthly rebills. Simply sign up and Baecash handles all the payment processing, including rebills. You can manage all your users on your administrator dashboard.