Dallas Morning News Story Hurts Families of Fallen Officers


Because of the personal attack on me, Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, and the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation and Texas Fallen Officer Foundation, as written by Naomi Martin of The Dallas Morning News, which bares several racial undertones referencing to my upbringing in the ghettos of Houston, Texas and my political views as a Conservative Republican, I felt that it was to necessary to release the following statement:

“The Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation and the Texas Fallen Officer Foundation are two independent 501 (c) 3 organizations – both designed with a central mission of supporting the families of fallen officers in the Dallas-Fort Worth region and throughout the State of Texas, respectively. Both foundations are controlled by their own independent governing Boards, which embrace the central focus of providing immediate support to the families of fallen officers in the initial aftermath of a tragedy and providing continued support in the form of: social gatherings, financial assistance, comfort and advocacy long after other forms of support have ended elsewhere.

“Over the years, I have garnered the trust of police families across the nation based on my supportive efforts. As a nationally-recognized law enforcement advocate, I have always represented the best interest of fallen officers and their families in every decision made. Unfortunately, The Dallas Morning News story has distorted my efforts, as well as the organizations’ mission, focus and objectives for the purposes of attacking my character, integrity and background. The Dallas Morning News story was saturated with half-truths and misrepresentations about the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation and Texas Fallen Officer Foundations, which to this end will only serve to hinder and detract from the foundation’s abilities to acquire future donations in an effort to provide support and resources to police families and survivors.

“For the full story behind the motivation for the left leaning Dallas Morning News’ defamatory political hit piece to harm me and our foundation, go to www.sgtpennie.com.

New York-based food processors agree to stop food preparation operations due to food safety violations

Food, Safety

Two New York-based food processing companies have agreed to stop preparing food products, which include a variety of ready-to-eat foods and certain salt-cured and pickled fish, because the facility’s food preparation areas were contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes (L. mono), until the companies can comply with federal food safety laws and regulations.

On July 16, 2018, U.S. District Judge Brian M. Cogan for the Eastern District of New York entered a consent decree of permanent injunction between the U.S. and Euroline Foods, LLC, Royal Seafood Baza, Inc.; the companies’ co-owners Eduard Shnayder, Syoma Shnayder and Albert Niyazov; and a manager, Oleg Polischouk.

Euroline Foods, LLC and Royal Seafood Baza jointly own a food processing facility, and the consent decree prohibits the defendants from receiving, preparing, processing, packing, holding, labeling and/or distributing foods at this facility, or any other facility that receives, prepares, processes, packs, labels, holds and/or distributes food that presents a L. mono hazard, in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) until the defendants meet certain requirements. The consent decree does not, however, prevent defendants from receiving, holding and distributing food that remains completely sealed and enclosed by a container, and is in compliance with the FD&C Act, or from operating retail food establishments (i.e., grocery stores).

“FDA investigators found widespread L. mono contamination at the Euroline and Royal Seafood facility,” FDA Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs Melinda K. Plaisier said. “With this agreement, the company will not be able to bring any contaminated products or potentially contaminated products to market. Conditions where their products were being produced were unacceptable, and the FDA took action to protect Americans.”

According to the complaint, filed by the U.S. Department of Justice on behalf of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the FDA inspected the defendants’ facility in 2015, 2016 and 2017. These inspections revealed that the defendants failed to comply with the FD&C Act and its implementing regulations, including the seafood Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (“HACCP”) regulations and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (“CGMP”) regulations.

In 2015, the FDA issued a warning letter to Royal Seafood Baza after a facility inspection identified violations of HACCP and CGMP regulation requirements. During the 2016 inspections, the FDA’s investigators conducted environmental sampling and found L. mono from the seafood and vegetable processing environments, as well as continuing inadequate sanitation practices by the company’s employees. L. mono is a pathogenic bacterium that can cause listeriosis, a rare but potentially life-threatening illness. People with compromised immune systems, the elderly, pregnant women and developing fetuses are particularly susceptible to listeriosis. While the company subsequently conducted a voluntary, nationwide recall of its ready-to-eat herring products for L. mono concerns and defendants made assurances that they were correcting its violations, the FDA’s subsequent inspections revealed that the company had not implemented adequate corrective actions.

The consent decree requires defendants, among other things, to retain an independent laboratory to collect and analyze environmental and finished food samples for the presence of L. mono, retain a qualified independent expert to assist the company in developing a program to control L. mono and ensure compliance with CGMP requirements, and take other corrective actions if they wish to resume food preparation operations at the facility or any other facility that receives, prepares, processes, packs, labels, holds and/or distributes food that presents a L. mono hazard.

Should the defendants be permitted to resume or permit food preparation operations at its current facility in the future, the FDA maintains oversight over such operations under the consent decree and may order the defendants to take corrective actions if the agency discovers further food safety violations.

Individuals who have eaten products purchased from the company should contact a health care professional if they experience any symptoms of listeriosis. In addition, consumers are encouraged to contact the FDA to report problems with FDA-regulated products.

The FDA, an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, protects the public health by assuring the safety, effectiveness, and security of human and veterinary drugs, vaccines, and other biological products for human use, and medical devices. The agency also is responsible for the safety and security of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, dietary supplements, products that give off electronic radiation, and for regulating tobacco products.

Why Yangzhou fried rice was served at the Trump-Kim dining table?


Every movement and fine detail of the recent first meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and the top leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong Un has been dissected online. For one, during their working lunch, one of the dishes they shared is a specialty that originated in China. That dish was Yangzhou fried rice.

Many countries around the world have different varieties of rice dishes, from Spain to Thailand to India, each with its own distinct features. And the Yangzhou fried rice dish from China carries its particularly exquisite quality of fine dining. It typically uses the highest quality long-grain rice, with fresh eggs as the main ingredient, complemented with no less than eight other ingredients, including soaked sea cucumbers, Chinese cured ham, batter-coated prawns, fresh bamboo shoots and green peas. The dish is presented in an array of subtle and vibrant colors, bringing together a pleasant blend of fresh and salty flavors on the palate. Different from other fried rice dishes, traditional Yangzhou fried rice dish usually does not include special sauces to enhance its color or flavor; master chefs create the dish with its own unique, mouth-watering aroma.

Being one of China’s most iconic specialties, Yangzhou fried rice is offered in most Chinese restaurants around the world, as well as within China. Many people have learned to appreciate Chinese cuisine through this “gateway” introduction of Yangzhou fried rice. It is also enjoyed by many world leaders.

In the year 2013, the United Nations appointed Yangzhou fried rice, along with other Chinese specialties, as the official cuisine on offer. They received special compliments from the U.N. Secretary General at the time, Ban Ki-moon. And in 2014, during a visit to China, the American first lady Michelle Obama specially requested Yangzhou fried rice as the main dish for an official banquet held in her honor. Yangzhou fried rice was also one of the favorite dishes of attending officials during the Beijing APEC summit in 2014.

Then, during the Trump-Kim meeting, Yangzhou fried rice was once again chosen to represent Chinese gourmet food culture, put on display before the top American and DPRK leaders, as well as the whole world. It was reported that a special “XO sauce” or top-shelf soy-based seasoning sauce was introduced into the cooking process on this occasion. This unique version of the dish represents the potential for creativity and cultural awareness within the traditional dish.

Yangzhou fried rice was named for the city of Yangzhou, which in past eras served as the transit point of merchant ships traveling between the north and south. As a result, Yangzhou cuisine has a unique character with its mixing together of flavors and ingredients. Yangzhou fried rice carries with it a rich, historically refined process of preparation techniques as well. It is a fine representation of the qualities of inclusiveness, harmony and creativity in Chinese gourmet cooking, which has made Chinese culture famous around the world.

China Mosaic


Why Yangzhou fried rice was served at the Trump-Kim dining table?


Channing Tatum to Sign Bottles of Born and Bred Vodka at Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection in Hummelstown

Food, Movies

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board today announced that actor Channing Tatum will sign bottles of Born and Bred Vodka at Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection in Hershey Square Shopping Center, HummelstownDauphin County, on Wednesday, June 27, at 6:00 PM.

Channing Tatum began his acting career in 2004 and has starred in and produced several franchises including the “Jump Street” and “Magic Mike” films. Other starring roles include “Foxcatcher,” “Hail Caesar!,” “Hateful 8,” and “The Vow,” among others. He has also ventured into other businesses, producing and co-directing Magic Mike Live at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and creating Born and Bred Vodka in a partnership with the Grand Teton Distillery.

Born and Bred Vodka ($24.99, code 49159) is made from Idaho potatoes and glacial water from the Grand Teton Mountains. Distilled 20 times, every small batch is hand-crafted and charcoal-filtered for a smooth taste.

Channing Tatum will sign up to six pre-purchased bottles of Born and Bred Vodka per person; no other items will be autographed. Every person in line must have at least one bottle of Born and Bred Vodka purchased at the Hummelstown Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection on Wednesday, June 27. No one under 21 years of age may participate in this bottle signing. Attendees may not bring large bags, purses or backpacks to the event.

WHAT: Channing Tatum to sign pre-purchased bottles of Born and Bred Vodka

WHEN: 6:00 PMWednesday, June 27, 2018

WHERE: Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection, Hershey Square Shopping Center, 1158 Mae St., Hummelstown, PA 17036

PTSD Foundation of America to launch a Nationwide Awareness Campaign


HOUSTONMay 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — It is estimated that we lose one veteran every 65 minutes to PTSD.  In recent years, it’s estimated that over 20 percent (1 in 5) veterans return from Afghanistan have been diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  This epidemic continues to grow and impacts veterans, their families and the community across the United States.

During PTSD Awareness Month this June, PTSD Foundation of America is launching a nationwide awareness campaign to discuss PTSD and the impact it actually has on our veterans.

“Educating the public about PTSD is our primary mission.  We not only want to stop the stigma about PTSD, but also instill a sense of pride in those struggling, as we believe that those veterans should be treated with the utmost respect.  Finding the right mentors and tools to help change their lives is paramount,” David Maulsby, Executive Director/ PTSD Foundation of America

In honor of PTSD Awareness Month, PTSD Foundation of America/Camp Hope has created a special “PTSD SHIELD PIN” to build nation-wide platform of discussion.

4 Significant Points of Symbolism:
(1) FIVE STARS representing the 5 branches of military
(2) CROSS in middle of shield/ In God we Trust
(4) SHIELD symbolizes protection “for our vets”

PTSD Foundation of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring our veterans and their families with military related PTSD.  Currently, we have over 14 Chapters across the United States to help counsel veterans through their challenging times. Camp Hope, an extension of PTSD Foundation of America provides interim housing along with peer to peer combat warrior counseling with an on-site campus based in Houston, Texas.  For additional information, please visit their website at www.ptsdusa.org.

Girls Incorporated of Omaha to Benefit from 2007 Buffett Wager


Girls Incorporated of Omaha expects to receive about $2.2 million from a 2007 wager Warren Buffett made with Protégé Partners. Roberta Wilhelm, Executive Director of Girls Inc., said she always had confidence Buffett would be on the winning side. “When it comes to investing,” she said, “it’s never a good idea to bet against Warren. We’re just thrilled that the proceeds will benefit the girls served through our programs.”

Buffett has long been an advocate of low-cost passive investing for the average investor. In 2007, he bet $1 million that an S&P 500 index fund would outperform a basket of hedge funds selected by Protégé.

The two parties placed wagers with Long Bets in the form of $320,000 of bonds from each party, which would grow to $1 million over the ten years. In 2012, the parties agreed to instead invest the stakes in shares of Class B Berkshire Hathaway. Appreciation of those shares resulted in an estimated payday for the charity of $2.2 million vs. the intended $1 millionAlexander Rose, Executive Director of the Long Now Foundation said, “Long Bets is honored to have hosted this decade-long wager. It is both gratifying to see long-term thinking winning the bet and to have such a great outcome for the worthy charity receiving the winning stakes.”

In May of 2017, with the outcome virtually guaranteed, Ted Seides of Protégé Partners published a concession letter in which he outlined his analysis of why markets had favored Buffett over the ten-year period. “Ted has been a good sport throughout,” said Buffett, “and he knows there are no losers when the money goes to an outstanding charity.”

Conclusion of the bet comes at a good time for Girls Inc. The organization has been making plans for a new transitional housing program for teens that have aged out of the foster care system. A site has been selected and the facility is scheduled to open in 2019. According to Wilhelm, proceeds from the bet will be invested to provide a stream of income for the new program. Following Mr. Buffett’s example, Girls Inc. plans to invest in passive index funds.

On Friday, February 16 at 11:30 a.m., Buffett & Rose will participate in a ceremonial recognition of the transfer of funds as part of Girls Inc.’s annual meeting.

Girls Incorporated of Omaha is a national affiliate of Girls Incorporated. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be “Strong, Smart and Bold” and has two centers in Omaha, the Katherine Fletcher Center in North Omaha and the Emma Lozier Center in South Omaha. The organization offers girls ages 5 through 18 programs in leadership, academic enrichment, health and wellness, career and college preparation and self-reliance.

In 2016, Girls Inc. dedicated a 55,365 s.f. addition to the existing Katherine Fletcher facility. The addition includes a health facility operated in collaboration with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, a gymnasium and walking track, an exercise studio and fitness center, media and teen centers and a new community playground. A key feature of renovated space in the original structure is an instructional kitchen for teaching nutrition and food preparation skills.

Girls Incorporated of Omaha was founded in 1975. Through its two centers, it serves hundreds of girls each day and more than 1,000 each year.

America’s Road Team Provides Holiday Safety Tips for Winter Conditions


Truck Drivers are Santa’s Other Helpers – Help Them by Making Safe Driving Decisions

Today, American Trucking Associations and America’s Road Team Captains are spreading holiday cheeralong with critical safety tips for traveling through adverse weather conditions.

“Inclement weather conditions on the road create driving hazards that require extra attention during the winter months,” said America’s Road Team Captain Rhonda Hartmanof Old Dominion Freight Lines. “When traffic volumes increase around some of the major travel holidays, it makes driving safely even more difficult. So, as professional truck drivers, we have some tips for you and your family.”

ATA’s Our Roads, Our Safety coalition partners at AAA project more than 107 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles this holiday season, making this year a 3% increase from 2016. High traffic volume can contribute to increased risk for congestion and accidents. Winter weather amplifies the danger of being stranded, broken down or involved in an accident, and not being properly prepared with basic travel needs like food, blankets and water can lead to life-threatening scenarios.

“As a truck driver, I am one of the last people out on the road helping Santa with his presents during the holiday season,” said America’s Road Team Captain Tim Melodyof ABF Freight Systems Inc. “Having an informed motoring public that understands and adjusts to the hazards of winter driving makes my job easier.”

Snow and ice pose unique challenges for drivers. Being acutely aware of the weather conditions and forecast can prevent unexpected circumstances and make for a safer trip. Practicing caution at all times, even when traveling at low speeds on city streets, can prevent property damage and injury.

Impaired driving also puts the general motoring public at risk, including the professionals tasked with delivering holiday gifts, decorations and foods. Arranging safe methods of transportation this holiday season is very important.

“As a truck driver from the chilly state of Minnesota, I have to be prepared to make quick decisions when confronted with snow, ice and other forms of wintery weather, and I count on the people around me to make quick, safe decisions as well,” said America’s Road Team Captain Bill Krouseof YRC Freight. “It’s important to be constantly aware of your surroundings, the weather and the flow of traffic. We all share the road with families, neighbors, friends and colleagues who are trying to celebrate 2017 and the coming new year, and it is irresponsible to put other people in danger by being neglectful of your duties as a driver.”

  • Remove ice and snow from your vehicle: Clear your windows and roof of snow to ensure you have maximum visibility and avoid creating a hazard for the vehicle behind you. Do not allow ice and snow to create additional blind spots on your vehicle.
  • Slow Down: Chances of a crash nearly triple when driving faster than surrounding traffic. Skidding becomes more likely at increased speeds, especially on icy roads, or if you are driving a sleigh like Santa.
  • Buckle Up: A safety belt will not prevent a collision, but it will save a life.
  • Do not drive impaired: Driving is a great responsibility and your fellow travelers are relying on safe, attentive drivers to respectfully share the road and make good decisions. Lay off the egg nog if you plan to drive.
  • Avoid impaired drivers: Report drunk drivers to 911 – after safely pulling over – and stay on the line to help locate the suspected vehicle. A call can save lives. Erratic breaking, weaving between lanes, straddling the center line or taking excessively wide turns can all be signs of impaired driving.
  • Be aware of truck blind spots: Trucks deliver all of your favorite holiday traditions. Pass on the left where the truck’s blind spot is much smaller.
  • Keep your eyes on the road: Distracted driving is a major cause of traffic accidents and one of the leading causes of death amongst teenagers. Even just two seconds of distraction time doubles the chances of an accident. Use your cell phone when stopped and never text while driving. Technology gifts are popular during the holiday season, but should not be operated while driving.
  • Do not cut in front of large trucks: Remember trucks are heavier and take longer to make a complete stop, so avoid cutting quickly in front of them. Consider this while watching the bowl games: fully loaded tractor-trailers can take the length of a football field plus both end zones to make a complete stop. ATA partnered with AAA, the American Bus Association and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on this recently released video about stopping distances.
  • Prepare your vehicle for long distance travel: Before you head out to see your aunts, uncles and cousins, check your wipers and fluids and have your radiator and cooling system serviced. Simple maintenance before you leave your home can prevent many of the problems that strand motorists on the side of the road.
  • Prepare yourself for long distance travel: The vehicle needs maintenance and the driver needs plenty of rest and hydration to function at his or her best. If you feel drowsy, pull over and wait until you are more alert.
  • Leave early and avoid risks: Leave early to reduce anxiety about arriving late. Road conditions may change due to inclement weather or traffic congestion.
  • Be aware of the vehicle in front of you: Leave extra room between you and the vehicle ahead.

The America’s Road Team, sponsored by Volvo Trucks, is a national public outreach program led by a small group of professional truck drivers who share superior driving skills, remarkable safety records and a strong desire to spread the word about safety on the highway. Follow America’s Road Team on Facebook or Twitter.

American Trucking Associations is the largest national trade association for the trucking industry. Through a federation of 50 affiliated state trucking associations and industry-related conferences and councils, ATA is the voice of the industry America depends on most to move our nation’s freight. Follow ATA on Twitter or on FacebookTrucking Moves America Forward.

Power restored to 175,000 customers over past 24 hours


Restoration efforts continue Saturday; company reminds customers to stay safe after the storm and informed with tools and resources

Repair and restoration efforts continue Saturday afternoon with personnel throughout the state engaged in Georgia Power’s efforts to restore service to customers impacted by heavy snowfall over the past 24 hours.  Restoration crews in the field continue to face challenging travel conditions, including impassable bridges and roads due to significant snow accumulation and icing.

Restoration Update

  • Since noon Friday, restoration crews have been in field and have safely restored power to approximately 175,000 customers.
  • As of 12:30 p.m. Saturday, approximately 130,000 customers were without power statewide according to Georgia Power’s Online Outage Map. Customers should continue to check the Outage Map as updated local estimated restoration times are posted based on ongoing evaluations with new assessments and repair estimates.
  • More than 2,400 individual cases of damage or trouble (including broken poles and lines) the company is working to repair.

Georgia Power reminds customers to keep safety first during severe winter weather and offers multiple tools and resources to stay connected and informed.

After the Storm Safety Tips

  • Watch for downed wires. Downed power lines may be hidden by snow, debris or fallen trees.
  • Never touch any downed wire or attempt to remove tree branches from power lines – it can kill.
  • Don’t step in standing water or saturated ground where downed lines may be present.They could be electrified.
  • Avoid chain link fences. They may be electrified by a downed line out of sight and conduct electricity over great distances.

Tools You Can Use 

  • Outage Alerts – Subscribe to the free Georgia Power Outage Alert service to receive personalized notifications and updates via text message.
  • Outage & Storm Center – Available at www.georgiapower.com/storm, customers can visit this site to sign up for Outage Alerts, report and check the status of outages, and access useful safety tips and information. Customers can report and check the status of an outage 24 hours a day by contacting Georgia Power at 888-891-0938.
  • Outage Map – Housed within the Outage & Storm Center, Georgia Power’s interactive Outage Map provides near real-time information, allowing users to see where outages are occurring across the state and track estimated restoration times.
  • Georgia Power Mobile App – Download the Georgia Power mobile app for Apple and Androiddevices to access storm and outage information on the go.
  • @GeorgiaPower on Twitter – Follow @GeorgiaPower on Twitter for storm tips, outage updates, customer service and more.
  • Winter Weather Prep Videos – Check out a series of informational videos on winter weather preparation at  GeorgiaPower.com/WinterPrep.

When severe weather strikes, Georgia Power has access to additional resources available as part of the Southern Company system, which includes multiple electric and gas companies serving more than 9 million customers nationwide. Additionally, Georgia Power is part of a national mutual assistance network consisting of dozens of utilities from around the country, and the company is able to tap into reinforcements when needed to restore power to Georgia customers following a storm.

About Georgia Power 
Georgia Power is the largest electric subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE: SO), America’s premier energy company. Value, Reliability, Customer Service and Stewardship are the cornerstones of the company’s promise to 2.5 million customers in all but four of Georgia’s 159 counties. Committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy at rates below the national average, Georgia Power maintains a diverse, innovative generation mix that includes nuclear, coal and natural gas, as well as renewables such as solar, hydroelectric and wind. Georgia Power focuses on delivering world-class service to its customers every day and the company is consistently recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as an industry leader in customer satisfaction. For more information, visit www.GeorgiaPower.com and connect with the company on Facebook (Facebook.com/GeorgiaPower), Twitter (Twitter.com/GeorgiaPower) and Instagram (Instagram.com/ga_power).

U.S. IT Sector Employment Expands by 8,100 Jobs in November, CompTIA Analysis Reveals


New hiring in computer and electronics manufacturing and technology services and custom software development sparked November job growth for the U.S. information technology (IT) sector, according to CompTIA, the leading technology industry association.

IT sector employment grew by an estimated 8,100 jobs last month, CompTIA’s analysis of today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics “Employment Situation” report reveals. (#JobsReport)

Meanwhile, IT occupations in other industries grew by an estimated 243,000 jobs in November, the largest monthly job gain since 2015.

“Some of the gains are likely due to offsetting the loss of 77,000 jobs from the previous month,” said Tim Herbert, senior vice president for research and market intelligence at CompTIA. “There is a degree of uncertainty and volatility in the monthly occupation-level data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; the trend line over time is the more important indicator.

“For the year, IT occupations have grown by 223,000 positions, further confirming the demand by businesses across every sector of the economy to deploy technology wherever possible” he added.

Two employment categories accounted for November’s employment growth within the IT sector.

Computer and electronic products manufacturing posted another strong month, adding an estimated 3,800 jobs, including some 2,200 positions in the sub-category of computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing.

“During the past six months, tech manufacturing has added nearly 16,000 net new jobs,” Herbert said.

IT services and custom software development also added 3,800 jobs last month. The services and software category has been the primary jobs engine for the tech industry in 2017.  For the year this category is up an estimated 115,700 jobs.

Two other categories recorded positive employment growth last month. Data processing, hosting and related services employment increased by an estimated 2,000 jobs. Other information services, including search portals, added 1,800 positions.

As has been the case throughout the year, job losses in telecommunications countered employment growth in other categories. In November, telecommunications shed an estimated, 3,300 positions. Telecom has experienced only two positive job gain months this year. In total, 55,100 jobs have been lost as the sector continues to migrate away from legacy products and services.

November job postings for IT positions declined by about 4,000 compared to the previous month. On the year, there have been an estimated 2.1 million job postings from U.S. employers seeking to fill IT positions.

The full jobs report from CompTIA is available at “CompTIA IT Employment Tracker.”  For more CompTIA research on employment, skills and workforce trends in the technology industry visit https://www.comptia.org/insight-tools/business?tags=it%20workforce.

More Than Half of North Americans Wouldn’t Share Food with Someone Who is HIV+

Health, Society

Canadian-based Casey House, the world’s only hospital dedicated to treating those living with HIV/AIDS, is igniting a conversation around the stigma that people living with HIV/AIDS experience in their daily lives. In partnership with Ipsos and Leger Research Intelligence Group, their latest Smash Stigma Study found that 54% of Americans wouldn’t eat food knowingly prepared by HIV+ chefs while of 70% of Canadians, if tested HIV+, would be nervous or ashamed to share their health news openly.

This news comes off the heels of Casey House launching the world’s first-ever HIV+ eatery, June’s, which popped up in Toronto earlier this month. The 3-day pop-up restaurant took aim at the misconceptions around people living with HIV/AIDS by using cooks who were all HIV+. Given its success, Casey House is looking to expand June’s into other markets.

The following spokespeople are available to talk about HIV/AIDS and World AIDS Day:

Dr. David C. Knox/Dr. James Owen – can speak to the new treatments of HIV/AIDS, the holistic approach to patient care and the evolution of the disease from the crisis years to present.
Patients – We have brave individuals who are willing to share their compelling story of living with HIV/AIDS and the impact of stigma on their lives.
Casey House CEO, Joanne Simons – She can speak to the role Casey House plays on the international stage, the prevalence of stigma and the approach to the care.
Chef Matt Basile – Toronto chef who trained all the HIV+ volunteers and helped launch June’s, the world’s first ever HIV+ Eatery.
Additional Canadian-Specific Stats:

Canadian National Perceptions

Canadians are more likely to feel nervous or ashamed about sharing their HIV+ status than to believe HIV/AIDS continues to be a serious health crisis in Canada.
70% of Canadians if tested HIV+, would be nervous or ashamed to share their health news openly
Canadian Geographic Differences

55% of East Coasters somewhat agree that HIV/AIDS continues to be a health crisis in Canadacrisis
76% of East Coasters agree that they would feel nervous or ashamed to share health news openly if they were HIV+
Canadian Generational Differences

79% of millennials agree that if tested HIV+, they would be nervous or ashamed to share the health news openly
71% of seniors (65+) believe that HIV/AIDS is a continuing health crisis
Canadian Gender Differences

Men are twice as likely to think HIV+ individuals are partially to blame compared to women
71% of women and 70% of males would feel nervous or ashamed to share health news if they were HIV+
All campaign assets and additional statistics can be found here: http://bit.ly/2zKibRe

About Casey House:

Casey House is Canada’s first and only stand-alone hospital for people living with HIV/AIDS. Through our innovative and comprehensive approach to health care, we remain one of the few places where people with HIV/AIDS can seek care without judgment. We are more than a place that saves lives, we are a place that speaks up, shines understanding through compassion, and empowers our clients to get better.

Although many people who live with HIV can manage their disease effectively with a support network and access to treatment, Casey House clients are not part of that majority and fall into the category of the 40% of people in Ontario not on treatment. They are vulnerable, seeking safety and need nourishment. Casey House will continue to provide unequivocal compassion to clients in need providing them with a holistic approach to their care and treatment.

Canadian Survey Methodology:
A survey of 1,633 Canadians residents was completed online between October 10-13 using Leger’s online panel, LegerWeb. A probability sample of the same size would yield a margin of error of +/- 2.4%, 19 times out of 20.

American Survey Methodology:
A survey of 1,795 American residents aged 18+ was completed online between November 22nd and 27thvia the Ipsos I-Say Panel. The precision of Ipsos online polls is measured using a credibility interval. In this case, the poll is considered accurate to within +/- 2.7 points, 19 times out of 20.