Vigo Video Launches #VigoLetsHelpKerala Campaign to Reinstate the Beauty of Gods Own Country


Vigo Video, the app that encourages all forms of creativity, fun and talent, has initiated an official movement #VigoLetsHelpKerala to lend support to Kerala. The initiative is an appeal to the whole Vigo community and society to pray for Kerala and act for the people.

Vigo Video has officially announced a promised donation of INR 1 Million to the affected people through the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund and created a short video on the initiative asking audiences to act upon. The initiative is active from 19thAugust to 25th August 2018.

The initiative aims to mobilise the people of Vigo Video India, to take active part and contribute to the society, which has been severely affected due to unusually high rains and floods.

To call for every effort from the whole community and society, Vigo Video India, has taken up further cause to make a bigger difference like — for every share of the post created by Vigo Video under this movement, Vigo Video will donate extra Rs 1. For every post made on Vigo Video under the movement, Vigo Video will donate extra Rs 5adding on to the funds. Since August 19th, over 30K videos have been created under this campaign, and the number is still growing. This little contribution from us may help our country men in this difficult time.

Sharing about the initiative, Jasmine Guo, the Operation Manager of Vigo Video India shares, “A natural calamity can really ruin a lot and we feel deeply sad about the current state of Kerala. We want to help them in every way we can. We appeal to everyone, to join hands and help us in contributing the best we can, to bring back the beauty of the back-waters.”

Kerala is facing its worst flood in 100 years. 324 lives lost and 200,000 people are in relief camp. Kerala has to rebuild itself after this worst floods. So, do your bit and let’s help Kerala. Every person’s contribution is going to be valuable.

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