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Dumping Slush on the Streets is the Meaning of Cleanliness for Municipal Authorities in Guwahati City

Guwahati city has a unique tradition thanks to successive governents. The cleaning process of the drains in Guwahati means making the streets dirty. Taking out the slush from drains and openly dumping it on the streets is the standard procedure that has been followed here for years. The co-existence of slush and amazing banners and billboards boasting about government’s commintement towards public health, tourism and beautification of the city is really eye-catching. No matter what party comes to power, this tradition is mainatined by the government with utmost sincerity and dedication.

This tradition has some unique aspects. The slush is always strategically placed near the drains from where they are collected so as to allow them to go back to their original resting place when the next shower of rain comes. And this method has always been followed year after year with utmost dedication. No amount of criticism can deviate the great men and women responsible for this tradition from their path. Initiatives like ‘Nirmal Assam’ of the Congress or ‘Swaccha Bharat’ of the BJP have never had any impact on this tradition of Guwahati city.

Image- Rhiddhis Chakravorty


The Assam government has been spending crores of rupees on tourism promotion and the promotion of the city as a global business hub. But they have no intention to realise that you cannot develop tourism or turn a city into a global business hub with dirt on the roads here and there. But no one seems to care about the slush on the streets that is dumped by the authorities themselves. This shows how insincere they are about everything. No criticism or media coverage has been able to draw the attention of the high and mighty to thsi problem as they all dwell in insulated spaces away from the lesser mortals walking down the streets.


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